12 Best Netflix Original Movies

Netflix is spending tons of money on content and the level of quality keeps getting better and better. If you want to watch some of the best Netflix original movies, this is the post for you.

The good thing about Netflix originals is that you don’t need to worry if they will leave the service. Another good thing is that their availability is broader than that of other movies or TV shows you might find only at certain locations.

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Here is our list of 12 best Netflix original movies right now (ordered by release date):

1. Spectral (2016)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Mystery
Director: Nic Mathieu
Starring: James Badge Dale, Emily Mortimer, Bruce Greenwood

While deployed in Moldova during civil unrest, the US military is suddenly faced with an invisible enemy. The only instance when it’s possible to see it is hyperspectral imaging goggles created by Darpa researcher Dr. Mark Clyne. The threat is not only invisible to the naked eye but confronting it leads to instant death. Is it a superior technology created by the government or something else?

2. Bright (2017)

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Thriller
Director: David Ayer
Starring: Will Smith, Joel Edgerton, Noomi Rapace

In an alternate presence of Los Angeles, humans coexist with fantasy creatures like orcs and elves. The magic exists but only the one called Brights can wield rare magic wands. Officer Daryl Ward (Will Smith) is involuntarily partnered with the first orc in the police force. In one of their night patrols, they will run into female Elf Tikka and a legendary artifact (a magic wand). She is being hunted by an evil rogue elf and her group who want the artifact so they can resurrect the dark lord. The two cops must protect her and the wand to save the world.

3. The Outsider (2018)

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama
Director: Martin Zandvliet
Starring: Jared Leto, Tadanobu Asano, Kippei Shîna

The Outsider is set in post-war Japan and follows an American named Nick who was the only non-Japanese inmate in Osaka. When he saves the yakuza clan member’s life, the crime organization arranges his release. Nick will soon become the first American member of the yakuza.

4. Bird Box (2018)

Genre: Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi
Director: Susanne Bier
Starring: Sandra Bullock, Trevante Rhodes, John Malkovich

There are unknown entities in the world that make people who look at them commit suicide. A mother and her two children are among the few that escaped. They are on a river in a rowboat trying to reach safety, but the journey must be made with the blindfold on.

5. Murder Mystery (2019)

Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime
Director: Kyle Newacheck
Starring: Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, Luke Evans

Murder Mystery is a comedy starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston as a married couple finally gone on vacation in Europe. After they end up on a billionaire’s yacht and the billionaire gets murdered, everybody points the finger to them. Now they are on the run, trying to figure out who framed them.

6. Triple Frontier (2019)

Genre: Action, Adventure, Crime
Director: J.C. Chandor
Starring: Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac, Charlie Hunnam

A group of five ex-special forces soldiers reunite on a dangerous mission, this time not for the country, but for themselves. They want to rob a South American drug lord who has a house in the Amazon jungle. Before they get information about the exact location they first need to smuggle a woman and her brother out of the country. After they successfully execute the mission the real problems begin. They need to extract and drag an insane amount of money with them.

7. Dolemite Is My Name (2019)

Genre: Biography, Comedy, Drama
Director: Craig Brewer
Starring: Eddie Murphy, Keegan-Michael Key, Mike Epps

In Dolemite, Eddie Murphy is portraying real-life artist Rudy Ray Moore. He was a comedian, actor, singer, and film producer. Dolemite is the character he created for his stand-up routine.

8. El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie (2019)

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama
Director: Vince Gilligan
Starring: Aaron Paul, Jonathan Banks, Matt Jones

El Camino is something like an additional final episode of the Breaking Bad series. There is really no point in watching it if you’ve never watched Breaking Bad. It takes place right after the events in the show’s finale episode. Jesse Pinkman is on the run from the police and his only hope is Ed Galbraith, a man who gives new identities for the right price. (He once did the same for Walter White). With the help of his old crew, Jesse needs to avoid being captured, while trying to get enough money for a new life.

9. The Irishman (2019)

Genre: Biography, Crime, Drama
Director: Martin Scorsese
Starring: Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci

The film follows Frank “The Irishman” Sheeran (De Niro) in his old age, who recounts his days as a hitman for the mob and his friendship with Jimmy Hoffa. He was a delivery truck driver who started selling some of the goods to a local gangster and eventually ended up working for a Bufalino crime family. In the movie, Frank also explains what happened to Jimmy Hoffa.

Interestingly, The Irishman is the longest and most expensive Scorsese movie.

10. 6 Underground (2019)

Genre: Action, Comedy, Thriller
Director: Michael Bay
Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Mélanie Laurent, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo

A squad of six vigilantes led by a leader named “One” abandoned their past and joined the cause to take down criminals and terrorists across the world. The other five are: spy, hitman, thief, doctor, and driver. They are untraceable, totally of the grid.

11. Spenser Confidential (2020)

Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime
Director: Peter Berg
Starring: Mark Wahlberg, Winston Duke, Alan Arkin

Spenser (Mark Wahlberg) is an ex-cop who just got out of prison. He spent five years there for beating up his corrupt captain. He doesn’t want to go to his tempered ex-girlfriend so he crashes with his coach where he will meet his roommate and a promising fighter Hawk. On the day he gets out, the same captain is brutally murdered, so cops naturally visit him first. Since he has a good alibi they leave him alone. Murder is pinned to another honest cop who also investigated the dirty captain. Spenser decides to clear his name and with the help of his coach, ex-girlfriend, and new buddy Hawk, he will bring culprits to justice.

Good fight scenes and humor is what you can expect from this movie. The scene with the dog attacking Wahlberg is hilarious.

12. Extraction (2020)

Genre: Action, Thriller
Director: Sam Hargrave
Starring: Chris Hemsworth, Bryon Lerum, Ryder Lerum

A black-ops mercenary Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth) is recruited for what will turn out to be his deadliest mission yet. He needs to rescue the kidnapped son of India’s biggest drug lord. The boy is kidnapped by the biggest drug lord in Bangladesh.

10 Best Netflix Original Movies According to IMDb

According to IMDb, these are the 10 best Netflix Original Movies:

  • The Irishman (2019) – 7.9
  • El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie (2019) – 7.4
  • Dolemite Is My Name (2019) – 7.3
  • Extraction (2020) – 6.8
  • Bird Box (2018) – 6.6
  • Triple Frontier (2019) – 6.4
  • Bright (2017) – 6.3
  • Spectral (2016) – 6.3
  • The Outsider (2018) – 6.3
  • Spenser Confidential (2020) – 6.2